Our HUNTMASTER community regularly asks us, 'How do we know what speargun is right for me?. It can be tricky to find the right speargun, especially when you're new to the spearing world.
Well, you've come to the right place!
Our HUNTMASTER team are always here to help solve your problems and concerns. So let's dive into it.


At HUNTMASTER , we have a diverse range of spearguns. Even though they do the same job, some differences make each gun unique, reliable and perfect for you!
Our experienced HUNTMASTER team of spearos are familiar with the differences between our spearguns. The main two spearguns you might have come across are open head muzzles and Invert Roller head spearguns. Let us explain to you the unique characteristics of each speargun.
Our Open Head Muzzle spearguns have a distinctive configuration, suitable for novices to intermediate spearos. Our speargun rubbers are designed at the top of the speargun. When loading the speargun, the arrangement allows you to stretch the rubbers towards the opposite end of the speargun.
This provides greater strength and power when releasing the trigger, maintaining its accuracy and control when spearing. On average, our Open Head muzzles can hold up to 2 HM rubbers, for extra efficiency and precision.
On the other hand, our 'Woomera' Invert Roller heads are the most appropriate for those more exceptional and skilled spearos. Named after the wooden Australian Aboriginal spear-throwing device, our 'Woomera' Invert Roller speargun is exclusively designed for the bigger fish in the ocean. Yep, we're talking about those tunas and marlins.
With phenomenal ability to withstand up to 6 sets of rubbers at once, the Invert Roller head will initiate more power when releasing your spear. Designed to sit in the centre of the speargun, our Invert roller heads have more control and efficiency, proving there’s hardly any recoil on the handle.


If you're new to spearfishing, finding the perfect speargun can be tricky. Most people will instantly resort to the bigger spearguns (cause, the bigger, the better, right?), but is this always the right decision?
Whichever speargun you are after is mainly dependent on what fish you're planning to catch and what waters you're heading out. Brand new spearguns can be pretty expensive, so investing in the right one is essential. It's a process of decision making – Who manufactures them? What models are there to choose from? What is the quality like? They're how much again?!

As a keen new spearo, you want to be realistic and sensible in your choices.

Preparing your diving and exercises your spearfishing skills comes with practise (and practice and practice). Our team can tell you; it's not an overnight skill you'll be able to develop.

In saying this, heading out to calm and shallow water are the best way to begin your adventure. This is where you'll most likely find the smaller fish swimming around to prepare yourself for the monstrous fish in the water. Realistically, you don't want to use a 55cm Tasman speargun if you're planning on going after a Tuna. You would instead go for the larger and powerful spearguns, to ensure you'll get that fish no matter what, with our Invert Roller spearguns.

For beginners to intermediates, the Huntmaster team highly recommend our Open Head Muzzle Spearguns. The rubber loading time and configuration are the perfect combination for someone who is experimenting with spearguns. Its structure is simple to comprehend and isn't too overwhelming. In addition, it's best to use a thinner shaft, like a Huntmaster Tasman or Wigun spearguns.

Although, your shaft will depend on the structure of your speargun (but that's for another time). Take this opportunity to improve your accuracy, precision and efficiency. Learn and familiarise yourself with the techniques, skills and breathing during this time.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

If you're after the loftier and meatier fish, your best bet is our HUNTMASTER Invert Roller Head spearguns! Equivalent to a compound archery bow, our Woomera Invert Roller head spearguns are perfect for your bigger trophy fish! If you're heading out a few kilometres into the ocean, this is the one for you. Our Invert Roller heads are highly suggested for more intermediate to advanced spearos, where our spearguns will encapsulate more power and force in our triggers. What's even better? Our HM team can guarantee you there is virtually zero to NO recoil in the handles so that you can say goodbye to those nasty recoils on our gun. With better force and power comes a secure and advanced configuration. The HUNTMASTER Invert Roller head spearguns have a more robust accuracy in their spear, where thicker and stronger HM shafts complement its power to seize the larger fish in the ocean.
To put this into perspective, it was this exact speargun that captures a 106.3kg Southern Blue Fin Tuna World Record in 2016!

If you still feel concerned or want to have a chat about our HM spearguns, give us a shout on our website, email, or call us on 1300 987 983. Our HM team will go through and explain to you the specific details of our spearguns and what we believe is just right for you! Alternatively, you can head over to our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) and check out our awesome videos where we'll explain our HM spearguns in more detail! Happy Hunting and we'll see you on the water!