Before you start freediving or getting into the ocean with your speargun to spearfish, you’ll want to make sure you know the ins and outs of your gear. One important piece of gear you’ll need to know about is your mask of course!

Your mask is crucial (obviously) for your vision when spearfishing or freediving. I mean, how else are you going to witness the beauty of the ocean and catch your fish without a proper mask? That’s why in this blog, we break down some of the best ways to maintain your mask and ensure your vision remains as clear as possible under the water.

1- Removing The Silicon

When you buy a mask without an anti-fog lens, you’ll want to gently burn the inside of your lens. This will allow the silicon film that is there after being manufactured to disappear.


2- Removing Residue

The second thing you can do is put some toothpaste on the inside and outside of the lens, then leave the toothpaste to sit overnight. The next morning, grab a toothbrush and gently remove the toothpaste as well as existing residue.

3- Increasing Clarity

The final thing you can do is gently spray the inside of your mask with an anti-fog spray, give it a gentle rub around and rinse it in the water. This is an effective method also of ensuring your mask is best prepared when spearfishing or freediving.


Now if you’re not wanting to go through these methods when it comes to preparing your mask for spearfishing or freediving, we recommend giving our Huntmaster Camo Mask a try.

The Huntmaster Camo Mask comes with an embedded anti-fog lens. This means you do not want to try step one previous mentioned as it will destroy the anti-fog lens inside the mask. So instead, what we do is use an anti-fog spray and gently rub it around the inside of the lens, give it a rinse and thus ensuring maximum clarity.


What you also want to do to ensure the longevity of your mask for spearfishing and freediving is to place the mask in a container or protective case. This is simply to protect the mask from getting banged up or scratched on your travels.

If you’re after more of a visual walkthrough on the 3 steps mentioned in this blog, or you want to view the Huntmaster Camo Mask, check out the video below and equip yourself with the knowledge you need when spearfishing or freediving.