If you’re heading out in search of a larger fish to spearfish such as a Tuna, you’ll want to take our Tuna Tamer Float out with you. Our Tuna Tamer Float is not only going to help you with spearfishing those larger Tunas but also, it is virtually almost unsinkable!

The rest of this article discusses the benefits of the Tuna Tamer Float and how it will assist you in the ocean.

Huntmaster float



The Middle D-Ring

One of the most overlooked benefits of our advanced Tuna Tamer Float is the middle D-Ring. Why is that you ask? Allow us to explain.

The Middle D-Ring makes it much more difficult for the bigger fish to sink the float. By attaching your float line to the middle D-Ring instead of the top D-Ring, you are expanding the surface area of your float, making it incredibly difficult to bring down the float.

The Middle D-Ring was introduced to support spearfishing those larger fishes. It prevents them from taking your float line down and tearing the float line.

Huntmaster float


You can also attach a float line bungee to relieve the tension on the fish you have caught.

If you’re not heading out to spearfish but are still free diving, the middle D-Ring gives you the ability to attach a dive line, making our trip out in the water more enjoyable.

Huntmaster float



So if you’re heading out to catch those larger fish and set new records, you’re definitely going to need a float like our Tuna Tamer. Head to our website, grab your own and happy hunting!