Are you ready to being your spearfishing adventures? If so, you’ll want to know everything there is when it comes to catching your first fish!

In this article, we break down what to keep an eye out for heading underwater for your first spearfishing catch.

Huntmaster Spearfishing

What Size Of Fish You Should Aim For?

The first type of fish you want to look for are your small to medium sized fishes. Most of these will be found around rocks, headlands, structures, and reefs. If you’re diving near rocky headland, there is almost a guarantee you will see many small to medium sized fish.

However, keep in mind that they may not always be visible. Most fish will be hiding amongst caves and small holes which you’ll want to look out for when spearfishing.

Huntmaster Spearfishing

What To Do When Diving Down

When diving down, it is important to dive down approximately 3 to 4 metres away from the fish. The idea behind this is to make sure the fish are not alert and are ignoring you.

It is important that you are as calm and relaxed as possible to ensure you are blending in with the environment and not scaring away any of the fish while spearfishing.

Find a nice rock under water or something to mount yourself onto, aim for your fish with your speargun, take your shot and return to the surface.

Huntmaster Spearfishing

How To Reel In Your Catch

Now assuming you have caught your fish, you’re going to want to reel in your fish slowly and carefully using the float line. Take a look at the fish and if it is a bad shot, you may want to pull out your dive knife and finish the fish off.

Once you’ve reeled in the fish, you need to make sure you unclip your shark clip from your speed spike, clip the gun onto the burley belt or vest and then feed the speed spike through the mouth and gills of the fish.

Once your fish is secured onto the float line, unclip your shark clip from your burley belt or vest, re-attach to your speed spike needle and re-load your speargun to be ready for your next shot! 

Huntmaster Spearfishing


Now that you’ve read over these instructions carefully, you are ready to head out spearfishing. If you’re still feeling unsure or nervous, not to worry. Look at this visual walkthrough of what to do to catch your first fish.