Something we often get asked is “how can I use a reel on my speargun?”. Due to the regular occurrence of this question, we thought we’d take the time to walk you through it. This article breakdown our Huntmaster Reel, who it’s made for and how to use it. Let’s begin shall we?

Who Is The Reel Made For?

We at Huntmaster created our reels for those spearos who prefer simplicity when diving. You don’t need a float or a floatline if you are using our reel to spearfish. This ultimately means that there is nothing that can get tangled and you’re not dragging any extra weight.

Huntmaster Speargun Reel


How To Use?

If you value simplicity, you will love our speargun reel. If you have one of our spearguns, the reel simply attaches to the pre-drilled holes in our handles. To install the reel itself, its quite simple. You will only need a screwdriver and a pair of plyers to install.

Huntmaster Speargun Reel


Reel Options

We at Huntmaster have two-reel options you can use on your speargun. The first option is an all rounder that comes with 15m of line. The second option is a larger option that is suited for much larger fish with the same length of line.

So depending on the type of spearfishing you will be doing, will ultimately help you decide which reel option you’ll want to pick.

Huntmaster Speargun Reel


The Negatives

The main downside is that it is very difficult to target bigger fish. The reason being is that it is not attached to a float or a floatline to carry the larger fish.

Huntmaster Speargun Reel


Visual Walkthrough

If you would like to watch one of our fellow spearos breaking down our Huntmaster Reel options, click the video below, understand our reels and purchase yours today!