If you’re new to spearfishing, one of the most crucial aspects you will have to learn is how to load your speargun! I mean after all, what is spearfishing without a speargun? Simply just free diving.

As we realise the importance of learning how to load a speargun, especially for newcomers, we thought we’d take the time to create this simple and effective blog for you to learn!

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure your safety is on, bring the gun to your chest and then using your dominant hand, bring the rubber from the top of your gun all the way up to the anchor. If you have two rubbers on your speargun, always load the top rubber first, ensuring the rubbers do not crossover.


A quick tip for you to know is that you should try avoiding loading your gun on land and always aim to load it in the water. The reason being for this is that loading your gun in your water becomes much easier to do so as the water will assist you in balancing your speargun and makes the rubber easier to pull.

Once you have taken your shot with your speargun, you’ll want to recover your shaft. Grab your rubbers, make sure they are up and out of the way of your shaft. Once done, grab your shaft and place it through the front hole of your gun, all the way through until it clicks into the whole at the end of your speargun.

Once the shaft is locked in, grab your mono and following the line guide on your speargun, drag it all the way up to your trigger release on your speargun.


The final part you will need to know when loading your speargun is the float and the float line. You might be asking yourself “What does this have to do with a speargun?” allow me to explain.

The float is there as a safety mechanism for when you choose to head out and spearfish. A Float alerts other boats around you that you are diving in the water. If you spear a fish with your speargun, you can let go of your gun. Using a line attached to the float, you can still control, capture the fish and your gun without worrying about losing any of it.


Grab the shark clip on the float line, attach one end to your float and attach the speed spike to your gun. Once you have caught a fish, the speed spike will go through the fishes mouth and keep it attached to your float line. This act keeps your fish together without having it swim away.


As many of us are visual learners, If you would like a visual walkthrough of how to load your speargun, click the video below and watch one of our expert spearfisherman walk you through the specifics.

All of our spearguns here at Huntmaster are designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia. To view our full range of innovative spearguns, click the link below. Happy Spearfishing!

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