If you’re here, you’re most likely wanting to learn how to spearfish and how to shoot your speargun. Shooting a speargun is of course a core essential to the entire art of spearfishing. But you may probably be wondering or asking yourself “How do I actually shoot my speargun?”.

This simple yet in depth article will give you everything you need to build the foundations necessary for shooting your first fish and developing into an elite in the art of spearfishing.

How To Shoot A Speargun

Shooting a speargun isn’t like shooting a rifle or a regular pistol. A speargun is its own unique tool that must be respected when trying to spearfish. To shoot your speargun, you’ll need to stretch out your arm with the speargun in one hand and then if need be, wrap your second hand around the hand with the gun in it.


One thing to always keep in mind is that as it is a gun, it is going to recoil. When shooting your speargun, keep it a safe distance away from your face. If you place it too close, it will recoil and hit you in the face which isn’t pleasant, believe me.

How To Practice Your Aim

If you’re new to spearfishing, your aim most likely isn’t going to be perfect and that’s completely normal. The best way to improve your aim with your speargun and to become an elite at spearfishing is to practice with a target.


The best way to start is to find somewhere to place the target under water, attach a few weights to weigh it down and keep it under water. Once done, head down with your speargun and begin to practice.

If you try and aim the speargun straight when out of water, it may be slightly heavy and difficult to keep steady. Once you’re under the water, this becomes much easier thanks to water keeping it elevated for you.

When you have placed your target, prop yourself up onto some sand, a rock or stable surface to aim. Relax your heart rate, look down the barrel of the speargun and aim directly at the target. Ideally, you’ll want to be approximately 2-4 metres away from the target. Once you have followed these steps…pull the trigger!


Tips When Shooting a Speargun

  • When you are taking your first shot underwater, be sure to have a float line attached to your speargun and a float. The reason being is that once you have your first shot, you can simply let go of your speargun and resurface without worrying about losing your speargun.

  • Never put your hand under the speargun when taking a shot. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, you’ll only need one hand to hold and shoot your speargun or if you wish, you can wrap your hand around your dominant hand. The reason we don’t put our hand under the speargun is because you will be holding the monoline and when shooting, can get your hand caught in the process. It isn’t a pleasant experience.

  • Never put your eye directly behind the aim of the gun. If you are shooting and your eye is this close, as mentioned previously, it will recoil and hit you in the face…not fun!

  • It is important to keep a straight arm when shooting. This not only improves your accuracy but also prevents you from getting hit by the recoil of the speargun.

Now that you have read how to shoot a speargun and improve your aim, the next step is to actually practice! Without practice, you can’t expect to become competent at the art of spearfishing.

If you would like more of a visual on how to shoot your speargun when spearfishing, click the video below and take a look at the quick 2 minute re-cap.

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