Here at Huntmaster, we are advocates for keeping things in-house and ensuring that our speargun designs are created, right here in Sydney, Australia. We are one of the few Australian companies that manufactures spearfishing products in house. However, that wasn’t always the case.

In the past, we as a company used to design and manufacture multiple spearfishing and speargun parts overseas. The issue with this is that it led to many of our designs being stolen and re-purposed.

Another issue we experienced when having everything designed and manufactured overseas is that we weren’t sure if the operations of the manufacturing companies were ethical.

Bringing Manufacturing Back Home

Due to the reasons mentioned and having our intellectual property stolen, we thought it would be a good idea to bring everything back home. Throughout this process, we also identified that it would support the Australian economy as having speargun parts and spearguns manufactured in-house, creates more jobs that boosts the economy.



For our distributors, having our spearguns and speargun parts manufactured in house ensures reduced lead times as well as an efficient supply of products.

In House Design Team

We have recently implemented a leading and in-house design team. The design team have been working on designing and developing spearfishing products that are going to revolutionise the way the world perceives spearfishing.


Ensuring Quality For Consumers

At Huntmaster, our reputation is something we strive to improve, day in and day out. We care significantly about producing high quality spearfishing products and also ethical spearfishing in general.

As Spearfishing is our passion, we not only care about our reputation, but the reputation of the sport in general. We will always ensure that we produce the highest quality products for you.



In short, we have seen a massive improvement by brining in our spearfishing and speargun product manufacturing in house. It has provided more jobs for our fellow Australians and has improved the quality of our products immensely.

We will continue to do everything we can to improve the spearfishing communities reputation and improve the quality of our products for your benefit.

Take a look at a visual walkthrough of why we do everything in house by clicking the video below.