When spearfishing, you’ll want to make sure your gear is optimised and ready to perform as required. To ensure that your speargun remains ready to perform, you’ll want to make sure it is protected and in prime condition.

One way to ensure your speargun remains ready at all times for you to spearfish is by keeping it in a protection bag! We at Huntmaster provide 2 types of speargun protection bags, the Neoprene Speargun Bag and the super durable Armoured Speargun Bag.

Neoprene Speargun Bag 

The Neoprene Bag is designed to safely transport your speargun to your desired locations. It comes with the shoulder straps and a handle which allows you to easily carry your speargun in the protection bag. Simply place your speargun in from the top of the bag and then seal the bag from the top, keeping your speargun secure.

Our Neoprene Speargun Bag comes in a variety of camo designs for you to choose from, allowing you to transport your speargun in style!


Armoured Speargun Bag

The Armoured Speargun Bag is an innovative and very durable gun that ensures the protection of your speargun. Don’t believe us, take a look at this video here of it being thrown off a rock.

The bag is designed to hold up to six, yes six guns and has plenty of spare space for your shafts!

Similar to the Neoprene Speargun Bag, the Armoured Bag comes in multiple camo designs for you to choose from.



Whether you choose to go ahead with the Neoprene Speargun Bag or Armoured Speargun Bag, you will be receiving a quality product to protect your speargun. Yes, the Armoured Speargun bag does offer a lot more protection and space however, if you only have a single speargun and heading out sporadically to spearfish, the Neoprene should serve you just fine.

For a visual walkthrough on both of our speargun protection bags, click the video below and witness the beauty of our bags!