We at Huntmaster are huge advocates for ethical and sustainable spearfishing as well as fishing. We believe that if one chooses to behave unethically while spearfishing or free diving, it can and will effect the entire sport in a negative way.

Our Belief

We believe that spearfishing is a great and sustainable way to live off the land, enjoy the ocean, feed our family and friends just like our forefathers did for many generations. While doing this, we believe it is critical to ensure that this is being done in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.


Why Is This Critical?

By spearfishing in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, it ensures that we are preserving our marine life, oceans and not damaging our marine environment. The beauty of our oceans and marine life can not be understated and must be protected. We continually ensure that we are doing all that we can to preserve our marine life.


Rules and Regulations

There are a number of regulations in place to ensure we are protecting the ocean, not spearfishing in critical or endangered locations and not catching fish that are too small or too young to re-produce.



We would like to stress that sustainable fishing and environmental preservation is at the core of our values here at Huntmaster. We continue to educate the wider community on sustainable spearfishing practices and we have strong ties with the Australian Underwater Federation, ensuring that we provide them with continual aid to support spearfishing rights and sustainable fishing practices.

We must remain together as a community to educate the less experienced divers and spearos out there in the importance of sustainable and ethical behaviour.

Take a look at the video below, as our CEO goes through the importance of sustainable and ethical behaviour.