Are you Ready to learn how a speargun works?

First up, we’re gonna need to load it, and learn how to rig our speargun up after we take a shot.

This is really simple, first up, turn our safety on. Then we’re going to place the speargun onto our chest, and grab the rubber with our spare hand. We don’t want to be grab the dynema line as this’l make things more difficult in just a second.

With the gun balanced on our chest, grab the other end of the rubber with our other hand, and pull back your rubber securing it on the loading hook. Remember, to never load a speargun on land.

Be sure that if we’re using a gun with 2 rubbers that we load the top rubber first, just to ensure that we’re not crossing our rubbers as this can affect our accuracy.

Loading is that simple, and what you’ll find is that in the water the water will actually assist you loading your speargun and help you balance the gun on your chest and pull back your rubbers.

Once you’ve taken a shot however, you’re going to need to not only reload your speargun, but also rig it up. This is slightly more complicated, but after a few practices you should have the hang of it.

To rig it up, make sure you hold your rubbers up, and place your spear through the hole and down the line or groove of your barrel. Click your spear in and ensure it doesn’t release. Next, grab your mono line and pull it down over your line guide, and back to the trigger release on your spearguns handle. Attach it to the groove, and from here you’re ready to load.

The final bit of gear we need to learn how to use is a float and floatline. This is really simple, the float is there, both as a safety marker bouy, and as a safety ensuring that you can clip your fish and speargun onto something that wont sink.

The shark clip on the floatline attaches to the float like this, and the speed spike on the other end attaches to your speargun. Not only is your speargun now attached to a float, but once you’ve caught a fish the speed spike will go through the fish’s mouth, keeping it safe and allowing you to continue spearing or diving. Once you’ve caught two or three fish, and you’ve attached them to your floatline it makes it really simple to keep everything together.

While loading your fish onto the speed spike, you can also use the shark clip on your speargun to attach it to either your belt, or your weight vest to ensure that you don’t lose your speargun.