Ready to take your first shot?

Taking our first shot, is a pretty huge step, and if you’ve followed the series from the beginning you’ve come a long way and this is one of the final lessons before youre going to be able to start properly living off the land and catching your dinner.

Getting started, a lot of beginners assume that due to the spearguns size that it’s meant to be held with two hands, and this is their first mistake. Never hold your speargun with two hands, as your bracing hand will get caught and you will also likely get hit in the face by the guns recoil.

Always hold your speargun in your dominant hand, with your arm outstretched. If you need a second hand to hold your speargun up, place your second hand under your first hand on the handle of the speargun, as if it were a pistol. You do not want to place your hand anywhere near the firing mechanisms or the barrel of the gun. On land this may be quite difficult due to the spearguns weight, but underwater this is much easier as the water will assist you.

We’re going to breath up, and dive underwater down to sea floor, using either the sand or a rock to prop ourselves up on. Try and slow your heartrate, and relax. With the speargun in your dominant hand, straighten your arm, and look down the barrel lining up your target. Once you’re relaxed and have the shot lined up, pull the trigger.

It’s important to keep a straight arm, as this will not only assist your accuracy, but it will ensure that you do not hit yourself in the face with recoil.

Continue practicing with a target, and gradually as your skills improve extend your distance from the target until you reach around 10meters away, or the limit of your visibility should you be in murkier waters.

After you have taken your shot, while holding onto the speargun, return to the surface.